Monday, March 14, 2016

Back At It...

So I am going for a smaller goal of running a half-marathon. No more reading books and pining about running a marathon. I am letting go of perfection. I need a goal to help me focus on my work tasks and so I decided to do a half-marathon.

Close to me here in Santa Fe is the 30th Annual Taos Marathon on June 5th. Three months out, that is a doable goal. Also I found on MORE Magazine's website a 12-week training program for running a half-marathon for those of us going from couch to half-marathon. Just what I need: a schedule and a clear plan.

My biggest goal for this project is to let go of perfection and just go for it. I really liked the WEEK 1 Schedule. Monday, today was cross training. The scheduling fits with my life. Today I just started with a walk and a bit of core training. Not as much as I wanted, but it's a start. I also I found a great running path not far from where I live and drove the length of it to get a mileage reading. The path is perfect in that on Sunday, I can have my girl ride her bike with me for my 3-mile day and since we are not on the road, it will actually be relaxing for me.

Check out my new training board. I decided to write the week out for myself so that I can see what I am doing instead of having things in a binder. Frankly, the whole point for me is to focus on a doable goal with benchmarks that don't break my back and in a time frame that is realistic, but close enough to feel like it's coming up quick. Hocus Pocus let us focus on our task right now. A line I used to say to my daughter when she was little. Oh how it rings true for me now.

Regarding this blog, I decided that I would write here on cross-training days so I wouldn't be overwhelmed, but I'd have some continuity to my process.

Final thought: still drinking hot lemon water in the mornings, but I have added lime and cucumber to the water I drink during the day (with no lemon). I am liking the taste and I seem to drink more of it, which is a good thing for hydration.

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