Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013...

It's going to be a good year. I survived Christmas and my birthday and now I am onto new things. I am so glad the holidays are over. I still have Christmas cards that I am sending out and some Thank You cards as well, but now it's just fun, fun, fun (sort of). It's great to have started my life changes before the new year because I have gotten past some of the emotional baggage about what I am trying to do: write and run.

My mood has greatly improved now that the eggnog has run out and the radio is no longer playing Christmas carols. Also spending the day at my office is great. I am still getting my time breakdown settled as to what I will be doing each day, but being here in this space means that I have made it real. Now to focus on what my writing tasks are, that's the next step, which I am figuring out. I am clear about one thing: blogging more regularly is important and at the top of the list of well-spent writing time. 

So, I managed to keep my training going during the month of December though it was spotty. Really, it's also been cold and snowy. I have pictures...see I'm not making it up. We got a bit of snow. I did do 33 minutes of walking up to the gate of Goldwater Lake Park and back twice after the road was plowed on the day these two pictures were taken. I managed to "train" about twice a week. But here is the really amazing thing: like having the office and really jumping in and changing my life, I have already lost 20 lbs with my few changes since starting this blog and marathon quest. How cool is that? Momentum is everything even though it's just nibbling at the task.

Amazingly, my marathon task is looking more and more like my scriptwriting task. I get a great newsletter from Hope Clark (Funds For Writers) that basically outlines her process (the nibble method) of 15 minutes everyday when she began her writing career. I can do this. My issue is focus. So many ideas, I just need to complete one. 

A little aside: I just wanted show the weird ice picture. These are from our dog's water dish. It's cold outside!!

Final thoughts: I plan to write more about the marathon task. I am hurting, but hopefully I can crush the Xmas cookies under my running shoe...and actually start running. To run, I have to purchase running shoes. I will be starting my homework in the next few weeks: what to buy and why. New running shoes are in my future.

Happy New Year! I raise a toast: To making life changes that enhance what we already have...