Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poof: Where Did April Go?

Well, I don't always make my goals, but I do keep trudging forward. 

April was a big month. First, I was sick for almost half of it. It has been very windy in Prescott and the wind really gets to me. When I got sick the first time I mostly ignored it and continued my training. In fact during the middle of the month I increased my running split ratios and felt like I might be able to run...whoa, hold on: yes, for the first time I thought maybe I could successfully complete a 5K race. No it's not a marathon, but I have got to start somewhere. 

Then, in the wind (with a hat) I did a great training day. I was so proud of myself that I mentally recorded the day—Tuesday, April 23rd. Basically, I did 21 minutes of running (some could say shuffling) and 24 minutes of walking—splits of 3 minute run / 3 minute walk—plus a one mile walking warm up and a one mile walking warm down. The total workout was about an hour and half. The total mileage just over four miles. That is some progress from where I started and it fired me up. My lungs were still struggling, but I was very happy with the day. 

Fast forward...that night my throat was a bit scratchy and I woke up on Wednesday with a full blown head cold. This time I made myself stay in bed and did nothing (hard to do as a wife and mother) and it took a week and a half to finally feel like I was normal again. 

Also in April, the marathon class I have been taking at the YMCA—that was connected to the Whiskey Row Marathon event—wrapped up. I have learned a great deal from the two instructors and have finally organized their handouts into a binder for myself. The instructors shared so many little tips and advice like: clip your toenails a few days before the marathon race so you don't get a rub burn from a too long toenail and so your feet can get used to the new toenail length. It seems silly, but for a 26 mile race, something small can turn out big. It was those kind of tidbits—from their personal experience and dare I say personal mistakes—that I recorded in my marathon journal, which will become so valuable as my marathon race day approaches.

Finally, in April I invested in some shoes. A small investment, but not what you might think. One of the women in the Y marathon class told me that Goodwill often had sports gear. I must get a good running bra, which start at $50 and running shoes, which start at $100. Needless to say, that is so beyond my budget right now. My little $214 is just covering my bills and a little gas. No room for extras. So I thought I would see what I could find at Goodwill. My guardian angel must have been looking out for me because I found a brand new pair of New Balance Walkers, sized 8.5 for $5. I tried them on and nearly started crying. I also found a fleece pull over that had a great pocket for my iPhone, which I use in my training. Did I mention that it was also half off day when I went in. I felt very loved indeed.

I am making the progress of a tortoise, but in the fable the tortoise does win the race against the jack rabbit. There is hope for me yet.

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